HSE Policy

Every effort shall be made to provide and maintain free healthy working condition and working system for all employees at working places.

To identify the likely and potential causes that may lead to hazards and/or accidents in work places and surroundings and make every employee aware of the causes.

The remedial measures of hazards/accidents causing injury to human or damaging of equipment is identified and effective part of efficient work.

Safety rules and regulations, working procedures as framed to save people, equipment etc. From Accidents shall be followed by discharging the responsibility as identified by all employees to maintain accident / hazard free working place at all our project site.

There shall be continuous effort to train and educate the employees regarding prevention of accidents.

Every effort shall be made at all levels to ensure that the surrounding environment is not polluted by the project activities.

The hse objectives
To pursue a sound hse management system.

To Imbibe and sustain postive and responsive attitude among employees towards maintaining health, safety and clear environment.

To Continuously monitor control and manage risks to provide necessary infrastructure and ensure necessary maintenance and implementation of the established health, safety, environment and risk control management system at all required levels.