The Mission of Trinity Mechanical Contractors Pvt. Ltd. to become a new age industrial service provider enabling you to take full advantage of all the Piping & Structural Fabrication, Erection, Installation and Commissioning that delivers, competence and a high success ratio.

We have expertise in industries such as Petrochemicals, oil & refineries, Cross Country Pipe Lines, thermal & hydro power industries, steel, chemicals, fertilizers sugar etc. throughout India and as well as abroad. People, who are behind in Trinity Mechanical contractors Pvt. Ltd. is having more than 25 years great experience in the professional Piping, Structural and Fabrication services with a vision of combining the right mix of experience and research with immense creative thinking and technical know-how to offer complete qualitative solutions.

We have made great progress since our inception and have ventured into various business activities within a short span. It is our mission to build a company that can meet our goal to deliver high performance for the long term. Our organizational culture begins with our four values that drive everything we do Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, and Involvement. Employees are empowered to make recommendations and continuously change things for the better. Leaders in our organizations are role models, and rewards are given for outstanding performance to one and all.

Today, our company is pursuing a broad array of exciting growth opportunities. One important reason we are confident about this company's future is our people.The simple Reason why we believe, that we can do more for the customers, well-wishers and other stakeholders who depend on us.